We’ve heard of orbiting, gaslighting, ghosting and even breadcrumbing, but now there is a new term for the heartless behavior of curving. This is when someone doesn’t show any interest in you and makes it difficult to meet up in person.

Curvers think they’re sparing your feelings by stringing you along, but in reality, it’s hurtful and a waste of time.

It’s a one-sided conversation

Essentially, curving is when a conversation becomes one-sided and the other person gradually expresses less interest. This can be done through texts, emails or phone calls, and they may even stop contacting you altogether. This is a sign that they no longer want to be involved with you and are slowly letting you down.

This behavior can be very frustrating for those who are being curved. They are left hanging on with the hope that they might change their mind in the future, but this is often impossible. If you find yourself being curved, it is best to move on and look for someone else.

Curving is a selfish tactic that doesn’t take into account the feelings of the other person. It is important to understand that this is not a reflection of your value as a person. It is a way to avoid confrontation and rejection. It is also a way to keep control of your own time and priorities.

It’s a lack of communication skills

In today’s world of instant communication, it is important to be able to communicate your needs and wants in a clear way. However, sometimes this doesn’t always happen, and people can end up being curved. Curving is a type of rejection that can feel even more hurtful than ghosting or benching.

It’s a sign of poor communication skills and can cause confusion for the person who is being curved. It is also an unprofessional and inconsiderate way to reject someone.

Some common signs that you’re being curved include slow or no response to texts, short answers, and avoiding social events. If you’re being curved, it’s best to move on and respect the other person’s wishes. This will help you avoid unnecessary pain and frustration.

It’s a waste of time

If you’re a guy, you might have heard about curving — a way of rejecting someone that’s less harsh than ghosting or benching. It involves a person gradually expressing less interest, or even stopping communicating with you altogether. They may also give generic responses or talk about other men or women in an attempt to keep you in the friend zone. Riya Cox writes that getting curved can be very frustrating and confusing.

While it might seem harmless, this behavior can be quite damaging to your dating life. It can also lead to a lot of wasted time and energy. If you’re being curved, you might want to try talking to them about it. However, it’s important to be polite and avoid being overly critical or argumentative. This will make you seem like a bad person and may hurt their feelings. You can also ask them if they’re interested in other people, too. This can help them decide if they really want to be with you.

It’s a rejection

When you get curved, it means she has a clear message to send: She isn’t interested in continuing the conversation or interactions with you. She may stop texting you altogether, or she might respond to your messages with short responses or one-word answers. This behavior is often accompanied by excuses like “I’m busy,” or “I just don’t have time.”

Ghosting is bad enough, but there’s a new dating trend out there that’s even worse: Curving. While ghosting is the act of disappearing from a relationship, curving is the more subtle act of avoiding your advances or requests in an indirect way. This can take the form of delaying or skipping replies, ignoring phone calls, or giving vague and dismissive responses when you try to make plans. Ultimately, this is a cruel way to reject someone. It’s important to understand what it is and how to identify it in your relationships. Getting curved is never fun, but you can avoid it by being honest and setting your boundaries early on.